Apriature Alostoros et Germinet Nythra

–Ed.-Deofira is a perfect example of what this path should attract. I’ve known her 2 .5 weeks and she’s already completed 2 paths with essays and insights that are absolutely stunning. The Dark Gods flow through her words, her Dark Empathy runs very deep for one so new to the path. It’s an honor to guide her.

Corvus Aosara–


The edges of the Void crash against the surface of causality. Her dominion is all. All life is a candle that burns a wick to move forward. Nythra awaits at the pool of wax which gathers at the bottom to consume that flame which feeds from it. Life feeds from death and so to in the end will death feed off of the living. The distinction is when one stops living and begins dying. Points without a true beginning or ending and both ever present but exist in those states expressed by the host. Her necropolis is all hungering. I see the towers rise in monument to death as souls are consumed. A cathedral of entropy. Her realm hammers ours like ocean waves. I see it erode the boundaries of the physical plain. She is able to shape us physically from beyond. One of the very few who can do such a thing for the current she brings is one that is networked into our causality. All things die. She is never truly “here” or “there”. She exists in between. Death is a phase transfer present in ALL.


(This information comes to me automatically I am only the scribe. DF)

I see things now. I see stars collapsing. I see them all being snuffed out. Her black tide is rising. She drinks the universe in, through black holes, like straws. She is the galactic Wamphyrii.

I am in a field. The sky is grey and the rain falls gently. Nythra is here. She takes my hand and leads me to through tall grass to the body of my mother. (my mother was cremated but it seems this doesnt matter) I see all of her decompose before me. Worms move about within and without. Her frame is soon exposed, an anonymous skeleton. One of trillions. so many more on our timeline are dead than alive. The nothingness of void is so close to the oneness of collectivism. All with a divine spark are also ripe for reaping.


I’m in a barn of some kind. It is dark in here, unsettling, dirty. A cow is hung up to be butchered. Flies buzz loudly about its bloated corpse. The animals belly splits open. Entrails hit the concrete floor and burst like wet paper bags. There are men who surroind the beast. The entrails turn into leeches and attach themselves to the ones sho stand here. The leeches drain their skin slough off their bodies. The begin to chant and sing. They are priests of bone. As they do this, a portal opens within the hollow hanging corpse. I step through.

Another cemetery, one this one appears to be causal. Nythra appears in stunning regalia fashioned from corpses. Her face is painted with blood and ashes. I hold the Orb that i was given during my 3rd rite. Nythra has an orb as well. They go to each other and fuse. it appears unstable. Corpses begin to emerge from the soil. They are not rising- they are being ripped from the earth by this orb as it if it had a gravity only the dead were affected by. The corpses are tethered to the earth they emerged from by long, glowing roots. Like roots from a tree. With the scythe from the 3rd night, I cut away the roots, and tendrils from the orb pull them into her gateway.

I hear her ask me what I will do now, as I have come to be with her for the 5th night. She lets me decide what to do. I notice I also have roots. every thing, alive or dead, has them. And the tentacles that extend from her orb ensnare all life. I cut myself away from her tendrils, and I also cut my roots to the earth. Fully severed from all, from the process. I feel her amusement.


Deofira Fenrir
DCA106 Initiate

Agia H Azanigin